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Australia has vastly different climatic and ecological landscapes, allowing the potential for different breeds of livestock to thrive. Australian cattle can be split into two subspecies: Bos Indicus (originating from South Asia) and Bos Taurus (originating from Eurasia- Europe).

Types of Cattle


Bos Indicus cattle such as Brahman are well suited to Northern Australia. They cope with the heat through their distinctive large ears and large dewlap which act as a cooling system. The hump on their back is a fat store used in times of feed shortage. Bos Indicus cattle are also adapted to the wide range of ticks and parasites present in Northern Australia, with their slick coats and sweat glands containing natural insect repellents. Meat from Bos Indicus cattle typically has lower levels of marbling and coarser meat texture.


Bos Taurus cattle such as Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn, mature quickly, have rapid muscle growth and are recognised for their marbling and meat tenderness. They are found extensively throughout Southern Australia as they are well suited to the cooler climate (originating predominantly from Europe). They are genetically equipped to take advantage of the lush pastures available within this region. Bos Taurus cattle are not adapted to the heat or humidity of Northern Australia.

Bos Indicus
Bos Taurus