The secret to the rich, authentic flavour of our premium soup range is the use of freshly sourced quality produce and our flavour packed stocks that make our soups mouth-wateringly memorable. From favourites like pumpkin to classic minestrone, our snap freeze process ensures the flavour is locked in to deliver optimal flavour and presentation when served.

  • CODE: 8008P


    Traditionally cooked with pasta and various root vegetables

    2.5L / 4 / BOX
  • CODE: 8007P

    Creamy Mushroom

    Shredded mushrooms in a rich cream soup

    2.5L / 4 / BOX
  • CODE: 8004P

    Creamy Pumpkin

    A classic creamy pumpkin soup

    2.5L / 4 / BOX
  • CODE: 8006P

    Green Pea Soup

    A vibrant creamy green pea soup

    2.5L / 4 / BOX
  • CODE: 8005P

    Chicken and Corn Chowder

    Thick chowder with chicken and corn

    2.5L / 4 / BOX
  • CODE: 8041P

    Potato, Leek and Bacon

    Thick potato and leek soup with bacon throughout

    2.5L / 4 / BOX