Premium Roasts

CFS has taken the art of sous vide cooking to a new level that now affords the food services industry of Australia with a quality of premium roasts featuring optimised flavour and succulent tenderness. From a lamb leg marinated with fresh rosemary and garlic pearls to a pork leg roasted with cracked black pepper and fresh sage leaves, the premium roast meat product range is signatured by the addition of fresh produce flavour profiles to deliver even greater taste experiences.

  • CODE: 8019K

    Ezy Carve Lamb Leg with Garlic Pearls & Rosemary

    Boned & rolled lamb leg cooked medium rare, with garlic pearls & rosemary

  • CODE: 8018K

    Sirloin Med- Rare with English Mustard & Thyme

    Medium rare sirloin beef with English mustard & thyme

  • CODE: 8017K

    Pork Leg Sage & Cracked Pepper

    Boned & rolled leg, sous vide cooked with sage & cracked pepper

  • CODE: 8091K

    Beef Brisket

    Slow cooked beef brisket

    10-15kg 1 PACK / BOX
  • CODE: 8059K

    Crispy Skinned Pork Belly

    Slow cooked pork belly

    2-3kg 1 PC / BOX
  • CODE: 8119K

    Sumac and Thyme Marinated Lamb Shoulder

    Slow cooked, boneless square cut lamb shoulder dusted in a sumac & fresh thyme

    0.9-1.2kg 8 PCS / BOX