JBS Angus Program

Riverina Angus Beef is verified under the JBS Angus program. This program has been developed in line with strict industry standards. The verification ensures the highest level of traceability and integrity throughout our Angus supply chain. It is independently verified and overseen by industry regulators.

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Riverina Angus Beef is a multi-award winning beef program, produced in the Riverina region of Southern NSW, one of Australia's most productive food bowls. This region is well renowned for its fertile soils, abundant water and temperate climate, making it the ideal location for beef production.

Australian Black Angus cattle are hand selected from accredited farms, where special attention is placed on the art of selective breeding utilising finely tuned genetics. These cattle are then grain fed on a specially formulated high protein grain ration for over 120 days, to ensure superior marbling and consistent eating quality.

JBS Angus

Riverina Angus Beef is produced using world leading standards in areas of Food Safety, Animal Welfare, Environmental Responsibility, Traceability and Customer Satisfaction. These standards are underpinned by independent audits conducted by both industry and government agencies to ensure Riverina Angus Beef truly delivers centre of plate excellence.

Riverina Angus Beef is underpinned by JBS Australia’s world leading Quality Assurance Systems and backed by Meat Standards Australia to guarantee consistency and tenderness, providing centre of plate excellence each and every time.


Riverina Angus Beef is produced in the Riverina region of Southern New South Wales, where Black Angus cattle are grain fed for over 120 days.


Brand: Riverina Angus Beef
Area: Southern NSW
Breed: Black Angus
Feed: Fed a ration of wheat, oats and barley
Grading: MSA Graded
Marbling: MB 2+


Feed: Minimum 120 DOF
Average carcass weight 370-390kg HSCW
Marble score 2+
Meat colour 1b-3
Fat colour 0-3