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James Madden

James Madden and his father David run Flinders Island Meat, a small boutique meat processing facility on Flinders Island. "On our isolated island home we liaise closely with farmers to specialize in small quantity and seasonal boutique pr oduce, destined for the best restaurant on the east coast of Australia".

Flinders Island Milk Fed lambs are purpose bred by a select group of farmers and hand reared to ensure superior quality. The cuts of Milk Fed Lamb are generally half the size of a traditional lamb, whilst exhibiting incredible tenderness and a unique and desirable buttery flavour. The pastures the lambs graze lightly on are dusted with a covering of sea

salt from the crisp ocean winds, giving this produce a little extra flavour and significance. Flinders Island Milk Fed Lamb is produced under the Flinders Island Meat Animal Welfare Charter ensuring that all animals are cared for in the highest possible standards.

The Flinders Island Salt Grass Lamb are the result of a strong collaboration between Island Farmers and Flinders Island Meat. Second cross lambs (primarily Border Leicester X Merino) renowned for their texture and flavour are raised in the roaring forties living amongst the renowned strong winds and high rainfall. The special slightly salty lush pastures that these lambs graze upon gives the livestock a flavour and texture that is unique to the island.
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