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Peter Greenham is the sole processor of Cape Grim Natural Beef. He represents six generations of Greenham involvement in the Australian Red Meat Industry. Working as a family business since the 1860's, Greenhams have established long lasting relationships with the farmers that produce Cape Grim Beef. "Tasmanian farmers produce some of the healthiest, safest and best quality beef in the w orld. It means a lot to me that we can support their hard work, and share it with the world"

Cape Grim is located on the north-west corner of pristine Tasmania. The area is known for its rich agriculture, cool temperate climate and regular and abundant rainfall. Cape Grim hosts a monitoring station that reputedly captures the world’s cleanest air. These factors combine to make Cape Grim the perfect place to grow superior beef.

Cape Grim Beef is a totally natural grass fed product, fed on rich native pastures. Strict MSA grading and the beef’s distinct and natural marbling and flavour guarantees tenderness and consistency. Cape Grim Natural Beef has a rich and full flavour reflecting the grass only diet of the cattle.

Cape Grim Natural beef is produced from hand selected British bred cattle. They are raised without antibiotics and free of hormone growth Promotants and Genetically Modified Organisms, as certified by the Tasmanian Government.


Cape Grim Beef is raised from British Bred cattle that are completely grass fed. The Cape Grim area is on the North West corner of Tasmania and is reputed to have the world’s cleanest air.


Brand: Cape Grim Natural Beef
Area: North West Corner of Tasmania
Breed: British Bred Cattle
Feed: 100% Grass (Pasture) Fed
Grading: MSA Graded
Marbling: MB 2+, 4+


Feed: 100% Grass Fed
Average carcass weight 380kg HSCW
Hormone growth Promotant (HGP) Free
Antibiotic Free
Marble score 2+, 4+
Meat colour 0-3
Fat colour 0-3

Pure Beef