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Tim and Sophie Hansen
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Tim and Sophie Hansen

"Sustainability is an integral part of our business. It warrants everything we do from how we move our deer, to how we manage our pastures. By caring for our deer and our environment in the most effective ways we can ensure this farm will be healthy for generations to come. We strongly support the nose to tail philosophy evident by the production of the 1803 Artisan Deer Design r ange".

Mandagery Creek Australian Farmed Venison is produced in Orange NSW. Mandagery Creek Venison is characteristically lean, tender and high in iron. Young deer are Raised on natural pastures giving this unique venison product a delicate and subtle flavour, versatile for modern Australian, Asian and classic style cuisines.

Mandagery Creek Venison is renowned for its consistent quality, excellent presentation and its extensive range of primal and secondary cuts. Tim Hansen, owner and director, supervises every step of the production process from farm through to abattoir and distribution. With over 30 years’ experience farming venison, Mandagery Creek Venison is confident of always providing game meat of outstanding tenderness, flavour and quality.


Mandagery Creek Venison is raised on natural pastures in the Orange region of NSW


Brand: Mandagery Creek Venison
Area: Orange in NSW
Breed: Australian Farmed Red Deer
Feed: 100% Grass (Pasture) fed


Age: 12-24 months
Feed: 100% Grass Fed
Free Range
Average carcass weight 50kg HSCW
Hormone growth Promotant (HGP) Free
Antibiotic Free