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Judy Croagh

"At Golden Plains, we believe consistent, high quality products and service result from a long-term commitment to clients, staff, animal welfare and the environment that sustains them all".

The team behind Golden Plains Pork, are not afraid to stand ahead of the pack and s trive for what’s best for their pigs. They were among the first farms in the world to adapt automatic feeders to outdoor environments to ensure pigs were never hungry and happier in their environment. Their pigs are amongst the 7% of Australian pigs bred outdoors.

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The Golden Plains Five Star Pork brand has been developed exclusively for the Food Service Industry. The pigs live as naturally as possible in a free range environment and the sows graze freely in small paddocks with ample shelter, water and wallows. These pigs are specially selected and fed primarily on a locally produced grain based diet.

Golden Plains pigs are based on the Large White, Landrace and Duroc. Raised completely free of artificial growth agents or stimulants. Although the pigs graze freely in paddocks, their main source of nutrition is grain.

Golden Plains pigs are raised in a totally natural and stress free environment in the Western Plains region of Victoria. Positioned as a premium free range suckling pork for the food service market, It is distributed exclusively by Andrews Meat.


Golden Plains Pork is raised in the Western Plains region of Victoria, in a totally natural and stress free environment.


Brand: Golden Plains Pork
Area: Western Plains of Victoria
Breed: Large White, Landrace and Duroc
Feed: Fed a ration of locally sourced grains


Feed: Fed a ration of locally sourced grains
Average carcass weight 35-40kg
Female pigs only
Age: less than 12 weeks old

...Naturally the Best.