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Saskia Beer

"I have always stood by every product because I know exactly where it came from, and how it was farmed. I have spent most of my adult life redefining farming techniques to focus on producing an excellent product to eat and not a 'commodity'. When we say free range – we can define it. When we say vegetarian – we mean it, when we say chemical free – we know that we are."

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At Barossa Farm Produce the results speak for themselves in that Saskia has converted many local farmers over to free range production. "We collaborate with our farmers on all aspects of production and they learn from us as we learn from them."

Contrary to typical industry practice, Barossa's feed regime is completely vegetarian and does not include meat or fish meal to accelerate growth. Barossa Chickens are raised on a vegetarian diet, with corn as the primary ingredient. The diet also includes triticale, lupins, wheat and lucerne. It is free of chemicals and additives. Barossa birds are processed between 8 and 16 weeks, resulting in bird's with superior muscle development and texture with a distinctive natural flavour. "We are very proud of our chemical free processing" Saskia Beer.

Other Barossa Farm free range produce available include:
~ Geese   ~ Pheasants   ~ Guinea Fowl   ~ Turkeys

Barossa Farm Produce is recognised as Australia’s premium supplier of corn-fed free range poultry. Saskia Beer works closely with a network of farmers in the renowned Barossa region. These Farmers use dedicated free range farming techniques throughout the entire breeding and production process.


Barossa farm chickens are free range from the Barossa region, where they are fed a completely vegetarian diet that helps promote slow healthy growth and flavour development.


Brand: Barossa Farm Free Range Poultry
Area: Barossa Region in SA
Breed: Ross Chickens
Feed: 100% Vegetarian


Feed: 100% Vegetarian diet
Size: 14-16 (1.4kg to 1.6kg), 18-20 (1.8kg to 2.0kg)
Chemical Free

"We are passionate about growing and nurturing a premium product that stands out on the plate because of its natural flavour. From the paddock to plate, quality is the highest priority."

Saskia Beer