Macleay Valley Farms

Macleay Valley Farms are specialists in the production of white farmed rabbits. Suckling pigs are raised from 5-13 weeks old on milk and grain based pellets.Macleay Valley Farms have grown to be the largest farmer and processor of white rabbits in Australia since their entry into the industry in 1996 with 30 breeders.

Their production methods include sophisticated housing of Rabbits in air-conditioned and mesh controlled sheds. This superior housing ensures that rabbits can comfortably breed all year round (as opposed to their typical season) and are protected from mosquito’s (carrying the devastating calcivirus and Myxamitosis) without the use of chemicals. Does (females) of the Californian and Flemish Giant breed and Bucks (Males) of the New Zealand White breed are crossed to produce a rabbit that is grown produce a rabbit of consistent size, guaranteed tenderness and succulent taste. Macleay Valley rabbits eat a highly nutritious diet of grains similar to that which they would eat in their natural habitat

Game Farm

Founded in 1975, Game Farm Pty Ltd is a second generation Australian company whose farms are located on the fringes of the lush National Parks of Galston, and the premium wine producing regions of the Upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales. Game Farm is the largest multi-species game bird producer in the Southern Hemisphere, specializing in the breeding and processing of game birds, specialty poultry and supply of game meats.

Our range of quality products include - Quail, spatchcock, Duck, Cornfed chicken, turkey, Guinea Fowl, organic chicken, Silkies, Pheasant, Squab, crocodile, Emu, Kangaroo, rabbit, venison and wild boar.

Game Farm has established itself as the market leader through its commitment to investing in state of the art breeding, hatching, growing and processing facilities. All processing operations are HACCP accredited and fully export licensed, supported by a dedicated operational team focused on supplying the highest quality produce, at all times. Game Farm offers a superior, healthy and diverse range of premium products at affordable prices, providing culinary solutions and ultimately an exciting adventure each and every time that you enjoy a Game Farm product.

Black Forest Smokehouse

Black Forest Smokehouse is a premium smallgoods manufacturer recognised by Australian Pork limited as only using 100% Australian Grown Pork throughout their facility. Black Forest Smokehouse hand craft their extensive product range including Bourbon and Maple glazed bacon, a selection of premium bone in and boneless ham, mouth-watering Cheese Kransky, Vienna Frankfurts and Chorizo, a gourmet selection of blanched and natural sausages and a wide variety of rillettes, pates and terrines. Utilising the highest quality processing equipment, dedicated areas and refrigerated workspaces, butchers and chefs prepare meats using traditional family recipes. Each cut is cured and marinated in a special blend of herbs, spices and minimal liquids before being gently smoked and cooked.

Prestige Stocks

Prestige Stocks have created a range of pre-made, premium stocks from 100% natural ingredients produced the way chefs produce their own stocks. Renowned for their reliable consistency and full flavour, Prestige stocks are quick and easy to prepare with a long shelf life of up to 12 months.

P&H Fine Foods

P&H Fine Foods produce Gourmet Pates, Terrines and Sous-Vide products. Tradesmen at P&H have over 50 years’ experience in the food industry, ensuring the products they deliver are innovative, contemporary, and consistent, quality cuisine. P&H Fine Foods have a range of over 300 products utilised by all aspects of the food industry including caterers, clubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes, health care providers, wholesales, institutions and airline caterers.

Jewel of India

Jewel of India’s range of handpicked favourites from around the subcontinent include Ready-to-eat curries simmer sauces, cocktail and finger foods, authentic naan breads and accompaniments. Jewel of India’s range is produced using only the finest and freshest ingredients, given time to create warm aromas and to develop subtle and seductive flavours according to traditional recipes.

Woods Premium Condiments

Wood's Olde Style Preserves' was established in 1985, supplying gourmet, home-style condiments that quickly gained a reputation for being "as good as a chef w ould make". As the premium condiment supplier to the foodservice industry, Wood's products are used by discerning clients who value quality above all else.