White River Veal

White River Veal is renowned for its subtle delicate flavour and clean beef taste. It is produced in such a way that rosy pink meat has a soft and fine t exture. Ideal for a variety of cooking methods, White River Veal is succulent and absorbs flavours beautifully.

White River Veal was launched as a premium veal product for the restaurant market in 2006. Since then it has built a reputation for consistent quality and superior specifications. Its characteristics are not unlike some of the famous European style veal, in that it is consistently pale pink in colour, extremely tender and full of flavour. White River Veal boasts an extensive range of secondary cuts making this a versatile veal product, for many culinary applications.

White River calves are raised exclusively for Andrews Meat in the lush dairy regions of Northern Victoria. Calves are raised naturally in pasture environment whilst drinking mothers milk. This ensures that meat stays light in colour but produces nice full size muscles. Calves are closely monitored from conception as well as being raised free of any growth hormones. Calves are processed when they are just under 6 months of age. The dressed carcass weight is approximately 120kg.


White River Veal is European style veal produced in the lush dairy regions of Northern Victoria.


Age: Under 6 months
Average carcass weight 100kg HSCW
Meat colour V1-V3
Fat colour 0-1


Brand: White River Veal
Area: Southern NSW and VICTORIA
Breed: Holstein calves
Feed: Milk fed with a supplementary grain ration
Cipher: V=Veal