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Currently there are over 60 farmers across NSW, Victoria and South Australia that we work with to supply into our Tajima Wagyu program. We focus on these cooler, more temperate climates as this is the environment that we have found Wagyu thrive in. In these areas there is a predominance of Angus female herds which is the preferred Dam for the Tajima Wagyu program. These farmers are chosen for their focus and dedication to animal husbandry, nutrition and superior maternal genetics.
Wagyu calves are raised on grass until approx. 350-400kg. The Tajima program has a dedicated Wagyu Livestock buyer with over 10 years experience, selecting and purchasing Wagyu Feeder cattle.

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We work closely with each farmer to ensure the Wagyu genetics used are of the highest quality possible. In addition we have developed an exclusive collection of genetics via our specially selected high performing sires- which have been tested to be of superior high marbling performance.
Regular DNA testing of carcasses is done to assist farmers in selecting the best genetics and guarantee consistency of product moving forward. All available information is used to help farmers make the best decisions possible. Tajima is the most famous of all the Wagyu Bloodlines originating from the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. They are generally smaller framed with slower growth rates but produce excellent meat eating quality, with a large eye muscle and superior marbling. They are thought to be ideal for the production of F1 cattle.

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At approx. 350-400kg Wagyu cattle are brought to our exclusive Wagyu feeding operation at Prime City, Griffith. Here they are fed 3 different specialised rations for a minimum of 350 days. Many of the feed components are grown on the farm - including corn silage, hay and cereals. The cattle are closely monitored by a nutritionist to ensure optimum vitamins and minerals are provided. All feed components are mixed on site under nutritional guidance to ensure animal's exact needs are met.

Tajima Wagyu cattle are processed at the Riverina processing plant a short 100km from the Prime City Feedlot. This is a state of the art processing facility, that utilises innovative technology to ensure superior carcase quality and product consistency. Constant innovation and development is utilised to ensure processing capability is at the forefront of industry.

Tajima Feedlot

Product quality
In 2017 Tajima Wagyu was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Champion Wagyu Brand at the Australian Wagyu Association Branded Beef competition against a field of 19 other Wagyu brands.

The judges described the product as;

"extremely tender, yet still firm to the palate. Juicy, silky, enduring flavour, THE WORKS".

Wagyu is described as the highest quality beef in the world, and is renowned for its distinctive marbling and flavour. Wagyu Beef also contains higher percentage of Omega3 and Omega6, and its increased marbling enhances the ratio of healthier mono-saturated fats compared to regular beef.

Tajima grazing


Raised across Southern NSW, these Wagyu cattle are fed a specially formulated Japanese diet for a minimum of 350+ days.


Feed: Minimum 350+ days Grain Fed
Average carcass weight 400kg HSCW
Halal approved
Hormone growth Promotant (HGP) Free
Marble score 4-5, 6, 7-8, 9+
Meat colour 1a-2
Fat colour 0-2


Brand: Tajima Wagyu Beef
Area: Southern NSW
Breed: Crossbred Wagyu Beef
Feed: Fed a specially formulated Japanese Diet
Days on Feed: 350+ Days
Marbling: MB 4-5, 6, 7-8, 9+

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