Salumi by La Macelleria

Andrews Meat Industries have partnered with a selected group of artisan producers to create this range of authentic style Italian Smallgoods. With the mission of producing a Salumi range free of nitrites, “this is very rare at a commercial level and therefore takes time and commitment to work towards, our aim is to have this entire range free of all nitrites”.

Salumi by LaMacelleria is produced in Australia with Black Berkshire Pigs using traditional spices and curing techniques. Pure Berkshire pigs from the Byron Bay region of NSW are fed a varied diet consisting of sweet potato, molasses and nuts. These factors combine to produce pigs with superior marbling and fat coverage, ideal for the production of smallgoods.

Salumi products are gluten and phosphate free with NO artificial preservatives or artificial ingredients. Salumi by LaMacelleria includes products that are nitrite and chemical nitrite free.



Literally translates as “hunter” - traditionally the hunters would store the cacciatore in their pockets and snack on them through the hunt. A classic salami that can be eaten fresh after 1 month or aged for up to 6 months or more. This product needs to be cut by hand, never on a slicer to retain its even marbling.


Salami Enzo

Traditional salami with a natural amount of marbling. Eat soft or firm, the character changes with age. Again this product needs to be cut by hand in thick slices.



Fresh, sweet and mild on the pallet. Made from the leg and deboned before curing for 6-12 months (depending on weight). This classic salt-cured prosciutto is for everyday eating.


Berkshire Pork

Fresh Italian Sausages A classic coarse, pork sausage with no added gluten, cased in natural pork intestine. No added water so it will not split just sizzle when cooking, no pricking required. You can fry or grill the sausage meat or peel off the skin and crumble it for a sausage sauce for pasta or risotto.



Made from the pork rump, where there is a nice even ratio of meat to fat, is considered the prime end. Traditionally this was kept by the salumist for himself, as he considered it the most special part (not every pig is suitable for this). The meat is spiced, rolled then hung in the bladder in order to form a rind to protect the fat. Once matured this rind is peeled off and sliced thinly to serve.


Pancetta- Round

This product has an even amount of meat to fat layering. It has been spiced before curing. Can be used raw or cooked.



This also has an even ratio of fat to meat to fat layering and is made from cured pig’s cheek. With a minimum of 1½ months maturing this product can be eaten raw or cooked. It is the traditional ingredient in Carbonara (much more classic than bacon).



Ossocollo (otherwise known as Coppa) is the pork’s answer to Bresaola. Produced from the Pork Neck or Collar, Ossocollo is a rustic cured meat with a delicate flavour and tender, fatty texture.



Berkshire leg ham is cooked on the bone to retain its moisture and full flavour. Hams are double smoked and naturally cured in the traditional manner.


Salumi by La Macelleria is a range of Old School Italian Smallgoods.


Brand:Salumi by La Macelleria
Area: Produced on the Lismore Coast
Breed:Berkshire Pigs


Gluten and Phosphate free
No artificial preservatives or artificial ingredient