Creative Food Solutions was created to supply foodservice customers with restaurant quality cooked meat products, and is now one of the most advanced cooked food service operations in the country.

An important feature of the CFS range is the slow cooking time ensuring the highest quality product and requiring strict attention to detail. CFS developed their own sous-vide technology and cooking procedures to ensure that the exacting standards of customers are met. All CFS products utilise the highest quality meats, and are paired with balanced accompaniments.

A knowledgeable and dedicated team of chefs in the kitchen, living the art of cooking is what keeps Creative Food Solutions at the forefront of the industry. This team strive to develop innovative and resourceful food service solutions revolutionizing the way sous-vide is perceived within the industry.

The cfs range includes:

Standard and Premium Roast Meats:
The finest quality meats cooked sous vide for 12 hours for maximum flavour and tenderness.

Centre Plate Meal Range:
High quality protein components that will impress as a centre of plate menu option in all applications.

Ribs slow cooked for over 12hours in our signature BBQ marinade.

Sauces and Soups:
This premium range of soups and sauces ensure minimum preparation time with maximum flavour.

Microwave Ready Meals:
Microwavable restaurant quality meals, which utilise only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Products produced to Order:
Take the opportunity to develop new products with CFS that meet your specifications.