Angus Verified

Grainge Angus Beef is produced under an “Angus Verified” program, routinely verified by the Department of Agriculture and AUSMEAT during on plant inspections. The “Angus Verified” program, assures that Grainge Angus Cattle meet strict standards relating to breed content, hide colour, marbling and weight which ensures only the best Australian Angus Cattle are chosen.

Andrews Meat has set a high standard for Grain Fed Beef production in Australia with Grainge Beef. Grainge Beef delivers a reliable and consistent product to the most discerning food service and retail customers. Grainge beef is particularly noted for its distinctive natural marbling, flavour and tenderness.

Black Angus cattle are sourced from the fertile Riverina region in Southern New South Wales and the picturesque Gippsland region in Victoria. They are fed for an average of 120 days in an accredited feedlot on a specifically designed grain ration.

All cattle are weight ranged for consistency and processed in AUS-MEAT accredited,export processing plants. Key attributes of the Grainge brand include MSA traceability and stringent chiller carcass assessment to ensure consistent specifications and quality standards are maintained.


Grainge Angus Beef originates from the fertile Riverina region of NSW, where specially selected Black Angus cattle are fed a grain based diet for an average of 120 days.


Brand: Grainge Angus Beef
Area: Riverina region of NSW
Breed: Black Angus
Feed: Fed a ration of wheat, oats and barley
Grading: MSA Graded
Marbling: MB 2+


Feed: Average 120 DOF
Average carcass weight 370-400kg HSCW
Marble score 2+, 3+
Meat colour 1a-3
Fat colour 0-3
Cipher: YPS = Young Prime Steer

Signature 300 Wagyu and Angus cattle are sourced from the Darling Downs in South Eastern QLD and fed for a min of 300Days in an accredited feedlot on a Japanese designed grain ration.

The cattle are approximately 26-32 months of age when processed with an avg. carcass weight of 400-440kg.Extended feeding time and a carefully monitored supply chain contribute to making Signature 300 amongst the best Grain fed beef produced in Australia.

Signature 300 is our premium Grain Fed beef program exclusive to Andrews Meat. All cattle are Hormone (HGP) Free and processed in Northern NSW in an AUS-MEAT accredited export processing plant.


Grainge Signature 300 is from highly marbled Angus and Wagyu cross beef. The cattle are grain fed for a minimum of 300 Days in the Darling Downs Region of NSW.


Brand: Grainge Signature 300
Area: Darling Downs of QLD
Breed: Black Angus and Wagyu Genetics
Feed: Fed a Japanese designed grain ration


Feed: Minimum 300 DOF
Average carcass weight 400-440kg HSCW
Hormone Growth Promotant (HGP) Free
Meat colour 1a-2
Fat colour 0-2
Cipher: S*OX=Steer

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